Quotient In the News
  • Struggling with ADHD: Getting an Objective Diagnosis, Hubspot blog by Krysanthe
  • Testing for ADHD Timothy M. Houchin, Special to The Courier-Journal, Lexington, KY
  • Technology Breakthroughs Spur Evolution of ADHD Testing Device, Brian Buntz, editor-in-chief MPMN
  • Innovations Made in ADHD Testing. Jerry Tomasovic, MD. Copyright 2012 San Antonio Medicine
  • The Lab Rat: A better way to diagnose ADHD. Time Healthland, John Cloud
Press Releases
  • 24 Apr

    Live Webinar: The ADHD Explosion. Presented by Stephen P. Hinshaw, PhD
  • 1 Oct

    Pearson’s Quotient ADHD Test Shown to Detect “ADHD Fakers”
  • 27 Aug

    Pearson Acquires ADHD Testing Company, BioBehavioral Diagnostics
  • 14 Sep

    BioBDx Launches Portable Quotient® ADHD System