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Quotient Overview

What if you could have a diagnostic tool to complement your clinical evaluation of ADHD? The Quotient ADHD System provides quantitative measurement of key neurological domains relevant to ADHD. This system is FDA cleared for the objective measurement of hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity to aid in the assessment of ADHD. Quotient is easily administered by office staff, generally takes only 15-20 minutes for a patient to complete, and generates reports within one minute of completion.

Integrating Quotient Into A Busy Pediatric Practice

Dr. Joni Johnson shares insights and practical experiences related to managing ADHD and outlines the role Quotient plays in her practice.

Quotient and Recognizing Potential Feigned ADHD

Practitioners often have concerns about patients who might be trying to portray themselves as having ADHD. Published literature has demonstrated that it’s actually pretty easy to fake the symptom report consistent with ADHD. With the Quotient ADHD System, you now have objective information to better inform your assessment for the presence of ADHD.

It Looks Like ADHD But It’s Not – A Quotient Case Study

Often times a patient will present themselves with symptoms that are consistent with ADHD. They can range from concentration and classroom performance issues, to concerns about social and emotional well-being. While in many cases these symptoms are indicative of ADHD, there are situations when they are symptomatic of another disorder or of other factors not related to ADHD. In this webinar, we will discuss a case study where the Quotient helps the clinician sort out complicated symptoms to arrive at the proper treatment plan for the patient.

Using Cogmed Working Memory Training and the Quotient System

Rick Abbey, PhD

Dr. Abbey presents case studies to illustrate how he uses the Quotient ADHD Test and Cogmed training with/without medication as part of his diagnostic work-up and ongoing management of ADHD patients.

The ADHD Explosion

Steve Hinshaw, PhD

In their new book, The ADHD Explosion: Myths, Medication, Money, and Today’s Push for Performance, Dr. Stephen P. Hinshaw and Dr. Richard Scheffler tell the actual, honest story about ADHD. They cut through the myths and stigma that still cling to the topic, give a history of how ADHD came into being, discuss cutting-edge research findings, and address how policy issues (particularly related to schools and testing) have influenced fast-rising rates of diagnosis and the remarkable regional variation in diagnosis that exists.

The book covers the need for accurate diagnosis and carefully monitored treatment interventions. With thorough evaluations and rigorous treatment monitoring, much of the current “ADHD crisis” could be solved. This webinar will touch on these topics.